Chinese Visas

To travel to china you require a visa

To travel to China, you need a Visa (unless you hold a Chinese ID card or are a citizen of Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore or Taiwan). We will advise you on the best option for the visa based on your country of nationality and the location where you will apply.

To obtain a visa, you are required to get an invitation letter from a Chinese entity. 

The Invitation Letter (Admission Notice) you receive from us will depend on the type of visa suitable for your trip (X2 for short-term study or X1 for long-term study).

No visa application is guaranteed, and the decision is based on your country’s rules and circumstances

To apply for China visa you will be required to apply online:

When applying for a China visa, you must allow at least one month. Sometimes the Chinese Embassy officials might require an original invitation letter. When we post the original invitation letter, it might take up to two weeks to arrive in your country (maybe longer during the National holidays).

Apply for your visa

For your visa, you will require the following documents:

  • Passport (valid for min 6 months from the departure date from China);
  • 2 Passport Photos (check the sizes on the Chinese Embassy website);
  • Online Visa application form (to complete online on the Chinese Embassy website);
  • Admission Notice from the school (email copy or original letter via recorded post). The school can post the original letter, but the student must cover the postage fees. 

Jiang Tai Gong Kung Fu School is an official Chinese Government verified “Foreign Affairs Unit”. Therefore is officially licenced to issue Admission Notices for X2 visa (short-term study) and JW202 for X1 visa (long-term study).


Visa Termination

Your permission to be in China is directly connected to your invitation for training. Suppose you desire to travel to China after your training ends. In that case, you must inform the Chinese Embassy where you apply for the study visa, and they will advise you on the best option based on your circumstances.
Suppose you decide to terminate your training or you are expelled. In that case, we must terminate your visa within seven days and inform the Exit and Entry office of this change.
Working or travelling for tourism purposes while on a study visa is against China Law for the study visa.
Jian Tai Gong Kung Fu school is responsible for all its students’ health and safety while in China and offers support and advice based on the trip’s purpose.

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