Rizhao City

Rizhao, a Prefecture-level city located in the southeast of Shandong Province.


Rizhao, a Prefecture-level city located in the southeast of Shandong Province. It located in the mid of Chinese mainland coast and lies in the west of Yellow Sea off Korea and Japan. Famous for its beautiful environment, it is identified as one of the most loveable cities by the United Nations.

Rizhao is a harbor city in Shandong province and it is economically developed. It is named because it is the first city to enjoy the sunshine. Along the gold coast from south to north, more than 60 km, are all main attractions of the city. Rizhao is a city for relaxing because of its fresh air, wide streets and clean environment. There are a lot of tourists come here all year round especially in summer to enjoy their holiday. Swimming and eating sea food will make you feel that life is so good here.

The National Forest Resort

The Forest resort can be divided into sub-regions named Diecui and Linhai separately. Diecui sub-region is divided into seaside Chunxiao, seek quiet tree-lined, picking Park, Cedar Park. Linhai sub-region is divided into a forest maze and a Mongolian style garden.

The Waterfront tourist area located in the coastal area in the park including Harmony Coast, Seafront flowers, Forest Park, Golden Beach, Jiang Taigong (a famous military strategist and politician in ancient China ) fishing center and Seaside zoo.

Ecological Park

The Ecological Park located in the central region of the scenic area. It highlights the ecological and marine characteristics and integrates the concept of man in harmony with nature, set squares, green spaces, dining, shopping, parking, entertainment, toiletries for one, is an important symbol of Rizhao city, also an important window for the city to open to the outside world and attract investments.

Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot

There are large areas of forest vegetation and wild flowers. The rate of forest coverage reaches to 70%, it is rich, brilliant, and magnificent. This is not only the largest wild medicine storeroom, and a wide variety of wild flowers, more than 4000 kinds. Among them, the most famous is the Wild Azaleas Nature Reserve, its beautiful color, the variety, the wide area, it is rare.

Rizhao Olympic Water Sports Park, the Olympic Sailing Capital

Rizhao City, relying on the unique natural environment and water sports conditions has built the Olympic Water Park water sports base into an international standard of water sports training base, with all the water sports race facilities to meet domestic and international needs of major water sports events, and has been approved as “national water sports training base”, was the 2008 Olympic Games sailing designated training venues.

Climatic conditions

Warm temperate and semi-humid monsoon climate, that means warmer in winter and cooler in summer, makes Rizhao a suitable place to live.

Rizhao National Forest Park located in the north of Rizhao city, is a 4A level scenic spots. It has three main attractions including the Forest, the Waterfront tourist area and the Jiang Taigong Cultural District. The Forest area consists of different types of trees including met sequoia, Thunberg, cedar, locust. They form an important part of the coastal shelterbelt in Rizhao City.

Recreational facilities and sites

Rizhao is a great place for enjoyment and joy:Golf, spa, massage, pedicure, disco, bar, gym, swimming pool, steam room sweat,no matter what you want ,Rizhao will make you feel satisfied. The exactly address can be found in the map.

Since Rizhao is a coastal city, you can never miss the seafood here.  Varieties of seafood like clam, oysters, scallops, shrimp, crab, and abalone. There are many kinds of special food here also, like clam, Eight bowls(eight bowels of very delicious food, usually used for serving guests), Juxian roast whole lamb, Huangjia barbecue, Chinese traditional pancakes, Bacon pie, Huoguo (you might already know). In summer, you can enjoy barbecue along the seaside or the street food which is very special and delicious and cheap.

Recreational facilities and sites

Wan Pingkou Spot located in Rizhao, a beautiful coastal city in Shandong Province. There is a saying among Chinese tourists going that, people who want to travel must go Rizhao and people who come to Rizhao must go Wan Pingkou Spot. Wanpingkou landscapes is an emerging tourist destination on Rizhao golden coastline, it was named in the Implication that “Ten thousand ships safe entry”. It located in the new city area, its coastline is 5kms long, and covers an area of 760 square meters, the annual average temperature here is 12.6 degrees Celsius which means warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
Wan Pingkou Scenic Spot enjoys strategic location and convenient transport facilities. North by Rizhao National Forest Park and Shan Haitian Tourist Resort, west of Botanical Garden and Cherry Park in Rizhao new urban area, south of Rizhao Port and scenic lighthouse. The coastal areas offer a variety of recreational facilities for tourists to play and there are many distinctive seafood restaurants and souvenir stalls.
The Lagoon in Wan Pingkou scenic area is a natural haven where ancient merchant ships are moored. The name Wan Pingkou was given in the implication of “ten thousand of ships arrive safely in the port”, and also symbolizes that everything will be safe and well.
There are many entertainment activities here in Wan Pingkou area including Swimming, beach baths, sea surf, sea flying umbrella, beach bike.
It has the largest natural lagoon in the north of the Yangtze. Wide lake and slow and steady wind make it an ideal venue for entertainment events. A lot of sailing competitions and other activities have been hosted here and a European level World Sailing Championship organized here in 2005.Hundreds of acres of green scenery of pine forests, covering more than 300 acres of botanical gardens. The park here focuses on the theme of ecology and marine, adhering to the harmonious coexistence between man and nature and catering seaside entertainment requirements.
It has ecological Plaza and Sun Plaza for pleasure. And series buildings with a host of features are consistent with landscape architecture. Such as: wood channel, gallery flower racks, Ecotype tea houses and fast-food restaurants.

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