Masters of Jiang Tai Gong Kung Fu School

Master Liu

Master Liu, from Shandong Province, Northern China, was born into a martial arts family. He has ten years of teaching experience for international students and has become a certified master instructor. He has been learning Sanda for over 20 years.
Master Liu first began learning Meihua Quan from his father, Master Liu ZhongLu, a 16th-Generation Successor of Meihua Quan. Under his father’s strict and disciplined tuition, he developed his Kung Fu skill rapidly and built a solid martial arts foundation.
In 1996, Master Liu was offered to join the National Sanda team. During his years in the national team, he further deepened his understanding of martial arts and combat skills.
At the same time, he participated in numerous Sanda and kickboxing competitions, which has given him vast fighting experience. During this time, he incorporated his way of free fighting and got rid of being formalistic and practical.
In 1998, he won the championship when invited to participate in the WCK, China. Master Liu is interested in public martial arts activities to spread Kung Fu skills and spirit.
He is now the Chairman of the Martial Arts Association in Rizhao City.

Master Dong

Master Dong started studying Kung Fu at 6 with his father. At the age of 11, he got introduced to Master Wang Zhihong, renowned in China for Cha Quan. 

In 1994 Master Dong went to Qin Huangdao to study Wing Chun and JKD. He learned the Foshan style of Wing Chun under the tuition of Master Shi Tianlong for three years. Master Shi Tianlong is widely known in China for his combat techniques taught to the armed police force in Beijing and for Kung Fu movies. Under the dedicated and disciplined tuition of Master Shi Tianlong, Master Dong became an extremely accomplished Kung Fu master. He taught JKD at Beijing Sports University in 1995. During this time, he participated in numerous competitions, such as:

  • Jing Ying Cup Competition, 1st Place, He Bei Province (1995)
  • Yin Dun Cup in Tai’an (government special forces), 1st Place (1998)
  • The International Chi Sau competition, 1st Place (2003)

From 2006 till 2009, he learned the IP Man form of Wing Chun, taught by IP Chun, the son of IP Man, and participated in the IP Man movies. His genuine will to teach and commit to his students ensures they develop their skills quickly. His ability to tailor his tuition to suit each student has earned him the respect and admiration of all his students.


Master Yu

Master Yu was born into a family with deep roots in traditional Chinese martial arts. Master Yu is an inheritor of Chen style Taiji, Wing Chun, Xing Yi fist, Bagua palm, Meihua Quan, Mantis boxing, and Sunbin fist. He’s been learning martial arts for over 30 years. During his long time of learning, he’s been travelling to different places in China to learn different styles from different masters, which makes his martial skills and knowledge unbeatably vast.

  • 1979-1981, he learned Eagle Fist from Zhang Jialiang, eagle fist’s successor.
  • 1981-1986, he learned Tai Chi, Meihua Quan, and Mantis boxing from Master Wang Xiuyuan, one of his few successors.
  • 1986-1987, he learned Sunbin’s fist from Zhao Dongping, the direct successor.
  • 1987-2008, he learned Wing Chun and Xing Yi from master Zhang Shangmin.
  • 2008-2010, he learned Chen Style Taiji from Chen Bing Taiji Academy.
  • 2012-2013, Master Wang went to SanQing Taoist Temple to learn philosophy about marts arts and Taoism.

Master Zhang

Master Zhang is a 32nd Generation Shaolin Warrior Master. He is a direct disciple of Shifu Shi Deyang, the Head Coach of the Shaolin Warrior Monks group. He joined the Shaolin Warrior Monks group when he was a young child. During his years in the Shaolin Temple, Master Zhang became an expert in a vast range of Kung Fu skills Shaolin boxing, XingYi Boxing, Hard Qi Gong, Tiger fist, Leopard fist, Monkey fist, Crane fist, Drunken fist, nunchucks and many more.
In 1999, Master Zhang represented the Shaolin Temple on an exhibition trip to England, Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth watched their performance. It’s the first exhibition show of Shaolin Kung Fu in a European country. The audience was astonished by the fantastic show. A few years later, Master Zhang participated in exhibitions in France, Australia, Singapore, America and many other countries. Master Zhang has contributed to developing and spreading Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese culture. So far, Master Zhang has shared his Shaolin Kung Fu skills with more than one thousand students worldwide.

Master Wang

Master Wang is the founder of the China Iron Sand Palm Association and also the chairman of the Chinese Martial Arts world development centre. He is the Guinness world record holder for using his bare hand to break almonds.
At age 5, he started to study in the Shaolin Temple under Master Yuan Jingxin, the disciple of the abbot in Shaolin Temple. He rapidly developed his Qi Gong and Shaolin boxing skills, especially his iron sand palm.
With his passion for martial arts, Master Wang has improved his Kung Fu skills. Except for Shaolin Kung Fu, he is also a master in Wing Chun. His master, Master Xi, is a 15th-generation successor of Wing Chun. He trained him hard, leading him to reach an expert level quickly. He placed first in a Wing Chun competition in Hong Kong in 2005, receiving a gold medal. In addition to his interest in martial arts, Master Wang is also a well-known philanthropist in Shandong province. His passion for Kung Fu and life will inspire you in training at Jiang Tai Gong Kung Fu School.

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