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Jiang Tai Gong Kung Fu School

Jiang Tai Gong Kung Fu School is based in Rizhao, Shandong Province, China and welcomes students from all over the world to learn all levels of traditional Chinese martial arts.

We practice traditional martial arts on the mountain, facing the sea and breathing the fresh air. It is an excellent exercise and profoundly relaxing for the mind and body.

Our school offers fully equipped facilities, a systematic curriculum, experienced masters, professional translators, a tranquil environment, delicious food, and a harmonious community.

We have masters who are the inheritors of various Chinese martial arts and were originally traditional Shaolin monks. They are all superb martial artists with many years of teaching experience in China and abroad.

Our school accepts students worldwide who wish to learn Traditional Chinese Kung Fu!

Kung Fu Styles we teach


Traditional Chinese Masters

Jiang Tai Gong Kung Fu School is under the auspices of the Songshan Shaolin Temple Abbot, the Venerable Shi Yongxin. The Venerable Shi Yanshou of Shaolin Temple Chengdu - Lingkai Temple is the honorary Abbot of the school.

Grandmaster Shi Yongxin

Jiang Tai Gong Kung Fu school Wing Chun class

Shifu Dong

Grandmaster Shi Yanshou

Shifu Yu

Jiang Tai Gong Kung Fu School Shifu Yanjun

Shifu Shi Yanjun

Shifu Wang

Shifu Liu

Shifu Zhang

Learn Traditional Chinese Kung Fu With Us

At Jiang Tai Gong Kung Fu School

Full Accommodation & 3 Meals Per Day, 7 Days per Week

Full Training Curriculum & Chinese Mandarin Classes 

Pick РUp Service & Free WiFi 

and many more…

How to train in three steps

You are currently only 3 steps away from fulfilling your Kung fu dream in China! We will help you all the way.

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Once your reservation is confirmed, we will issue you an invitation letter for your kung fu training here in China.

Start training

You can book your flight ticket to China. No matter if you fly directly to Rizhao or Qingdao or choose to come by train, we will pick you up either way.

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