Temple Staff at the Shaolin Temple Yunnan is listed bellow. Shifu Shi Yanjun got the blessings from the Honorary Headmasters for spreading authentic Chinese Kung Fu and Chinese Traditions around the world. The Grand masters listed on the page will be invited during the year to check students progress and occasionally teach classes.



Venerable Abbot of the Henan Shaolin Temple

The Abbot of the Shaolin Temple located in Songshan Mountains and China’s Ancient Buddhist Monastery, Venerable Shi Yongxin is 33th Generation Shaolin Buddhist Monk. Venerable Shi Yongxin become abbot in 1999. Since then, due to his endeavors, he is renowned for his work promoting Shaolin Buddhist Culture. His writings as a scholar and his continuous efforts to restore the Shaolin Temple made Shaolin Culture known around the world. Currently he is the Chairman of Henan Province Buddhist Association, Vice-Chairman of China Buddhist Association, Representative of Ninth National People’s Congress and the first Chinese monk ever to achieve an MBA degree. Shifu Shi Yanjun and Shi Yanbo are the disciples of the Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin.


Venerable Abbot of the Yunnan Shaolin Temple


The most famous master of Meihua Quan

Grand master Han is considered the Number one in China and abroad for the most traditional style called Meihua Quan or Plum Blossom Fist. He is 16th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan and he personally taught Shifu Shi Yanjun not only Meihua Quan but Tai Yang Gong (Sun Training Methods). Under the Grand master guidance, Shifu Shi Yanjun has been working with Master Zhang Xiling which is the Successor of Meihua Non-Material Cultural Heritage in China, Director of Meihua Quan Association, Executive Council Member of Hong Kong Chinese Kung Fu Association and the Deputy Director of the National Martial Arts Association of the USA. In 2015 Grand master Han give the blessings for the International Federation of Meihua Quan and he is Honorary President. In May 2018, Grand master Han traveled to Greece to participate to the 2nd International Meihua Quan Competition.



18th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan

Grand master Han Jian Zhong is 17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan. He is specialized in Meihua Quan, Qin Na, Xing Yi, Chuo Jiao Quan and Qigong.

Titles and Honors: 

  1. Chinese Outstanding Figures of World Excellent Men
  2. Kung Fu Consultant
  3. President and Curator from Shaolin Temple USA
  4. Shaolin Boxing Association, Peking University
  5. Martial Arts Research Association Guangdong
  6. Wudang Meihua Quan
  7. Greek Wushu Federation

Academic positions:

  1. Professor at Beijing Wushu Police University
  2. Chinese Wushu Association, Chinese Wushu Judge for Duanwei Grading Committee and Competitions
  3. Senior Coach for Meihua Quan

During his career he published many books and participated in the editing of text books for the Ministry of Public Security (Police). He published nearly 100 articles in National Publications, appeared on CCTV and Beijing TV documentaries and programs such as: Kangle Years, Good Morning China (4 years), TV interviews, special reports, Newspapers and Chinese Martial Arts Magazine.


17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan

Grand master Zhang Xiling was born in Meihua village ( Hou Ma Zhang) and since childhood he followed local masters to learn this ancient style and the most traditional in China. He is very skilled in many fist forms, boxing and weapons. His disciples are teaching at present more than 30 000 students in China.


  1. Successor of Meihua Non-Material Cultural Heritage in China
  2. Director of Meihua Quan Association
  3. Executive Council Member of Hong Kong Chinese Kung Fu Association
  4. Deputy Director of the National Martial Arts Association USA
  5. Vice-President of International Meihua Quan Association

He published many articles in famous Kung Fu magazines in China and abroad. In 2015 Grand master Han decided to start International Federation of Meihua Quan and Grand master Zhang Xiling has been appointed as Vice-President for teaching the art of Meihua. Grand master Zhang is University Professor at Xingtai University.


Taiji Quan and Chinese Culture

Grand master Sun is 80 years old. He is skilled in Tai Ji Quan, Calligraphy, Chinese Culture and Canto. He studied Kung Fu since childhood until the age of 17 when he joined the Chinese army. During his military career he learned Self- Defense techniques, combat and hard cardio training. He participated at many National competitions in Sanda with outstanding achievements. At the age of 25 he started his journey in Tai Ji Quan, Yang Style. He participated in Tai Ji Competitions and he archived many gold medals.

His teaching career started in 1979. He is teaching exclusively at Shaolin Temple Yunnan and the forms he teaches are the compulsory routines for the Chinese Wushu and International Competitions. Other achievements include: Calligraphy Competition Prizes, Traditional Canto Prizes, Charity performances. He is specialized in Chinese Culture, Chinese Language, Longevity, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle. In 2015 he received the Chin Woo Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame award for Outstanding Grand master of the Year.


CALLIGRAPHY PROFESSOR- 17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan



34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk

Shifu Shi Yanpeng studied in Shaolin Temple from the age of 9 until 17. He received the 6 Duanwei Grading from Shaolin Wushu Association China. Shifu Yanpeng won first place for Shaolin Forms in International Traditional Shaolin Martial Arts Competition.

Movie Industry career and specialty: 

Shifu Yanpeng has been working in movie industry for more than 10 years under the famous Movie Directors Sammo Hung and Yuen Woo-Ping. During this time he followed Shifu Wong Shun Leung’s Disciple, Wong Siu Leung. He chose this style of Wing Chun. Shifu Yanpeng is training his students in developing their body and transform it into a weapon as well as practical application for Wing Chun.

Filmography: Fearless (Jet Li), Dragon Tiger Gate (Donnie Yen), Fist of Fury (Jet Li), The Forbidden Kingdom (Jackie Chan and Jet Li), Myth, Heaven will be a lion, Tai Chi, Lion King and many more. He appeared on TV series: Feast, King of Qin Li Shimin, World First, Fist of Fury, Tiger Mountain, Pirates Legend, Lotus Lantern so on. Shifu Yanpeng is teaching Kung Fu movie and Wing Chun classes.


35th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk

Shifu Shi Hengxue studied in Shaolin Temple since the age of 10 under the direct guidance of Shifu Shi Yancheng until the age of 20. She is specialized in Shaolin Kung Fu fist forms and weapons and Taiji Quan (Yang & Chen Style). Since the age of 15th she traveled intensively in China being part of the Show Team under the direct guidance of her master. Shifu Hengxue also participated to many National Competitions where she achieved the first place in Shaolin fist forms and weapons. Since March 2017 she is teaching in the Academy under the guidance of Shifu Yanjun on the full time basis. She is is very patient and dedicated to her students.


35th Generation Shaolin Buddhist Monk

Shifu Shi Hengwu it is the direct disciple of the Venerable Abbot of the Yunnan Shaolin Temple, Grand master Shi Yanbei. She is giving classes on Shaolin Buddhist culture.


35th Generation Shaolin Buddhist Monk

Shifu Shi Hengzhen it is the direct disciple of the Venerable Abbot of the Yunnan Shaolin Temple, Grand master Shi Yanbei. He is teaching classes on Chan Meditation and Shaolin Buddhist culture.


SHI YANBO (Dr. Andreea McCurry)

34th Generation Disciple Shaolin & 17th Generation Disciple Meihua Quan

Andreea has been in the Shaolin Temple for 6 years. On arrival she did not have any previous Martial Arts experience. She practices Meihua Quan and Taiji Quan. She participated in several competitions for Taiji and Meihua Quan winning the first place.

1. Shaolin International Cultural Exchange Ambassador – Shaolin Temple Yunnan 2018
2. Executive Director – Mei Boxing Association 2018
3. Executive Director – World Federation of Chan Meditation 2017
4. Vice-President – International Meihua Quan Federation 2016
5. General Secretary – Chinese Meihua Quan Association 2016

1. 34th Generation Disciple Shaolin of the Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin – monastic name Shi Yanbo 2016
2. 17th Generation Meihua Quan Disciple of Grandmaster Han Baiguang 2015
In November 2016 she become officially Buddhist in a ceremony held in the Shaolin Temple. In October 2018 she travels to USA and Mexico for teaching seminars and taking part in the 1st International Kung Fu Tournament in Florida.


Manon Queudot (France)

Manon has been training in the Temple since March 2016. She graduated the Aix-Marseille University in France with emphases on Chinese Mandarin. At present Manon is teaching the curriculum for HSK (conversation, reading and writing). After one year of Kung Fu training, Manon received a full scholarship to train the second year and help the Temple with translations. Moreover, because Manon achieved a great skill after one year of training, she also helps the students in their Kung Fu training, gaining in this way expertise in teaching. By the time she will depart the Temple, Manon will be able to achieve not only translator certification but Kung Fu coach certification as well. Manon in fluent in Mandarin and English. She is French native speaker.


Dierdre Ragin (USA)

Dee is 54 years old from California, USA. She has a business degree from Mercer University Georgia and a Health Coach Certification from International Integrative Nutrition. She teaches other how to live a healthy lifestyle and specializes in holistic nutrition. Currently Dee is apprenticing Chinese Traditional Medicine and teaches English as well as TCM. She incorporates Meihua Quan practices into her programs.


Mikkel Bello Andreasen (known as Telo from Denmark)

Telo is 22 years old from Denmark and attended fine arts school. Now he is studying Traditional Chinese Kung Fu with the aim to become a Kung Fu coach as well as to incorporate Kung Fu in his performing arts. He wishes to specialize in Meihua Quan and Taiji.

Kyle Robinson (USA)

Kyle is 25 years old from Colorado, USA and has 8+ year of experience in parkour and acrobatics. His Kung Fu goals includes: becoming a performer, stunt man and stunt coordinator. He is very passionate about nunchaku. Therefore combines its practice with acrobatics.

Tony Tsang (The Netherlands)

Tony is 28 years old from The Netherlands. Since he was 14th, Tony had many hobbies such sports, gaming, music but cooking was his love. He got the highest cooking education Certification in The Netherlands and worked in high class Michelin star restaurants at home and in Hong Kong. The hard work and stressful lifestyle depleted Tony of energy and passion so he decided to make a change in his life.

Yvonne, his sister, recommended him to try Shaolin Kung Fu. His first trip to Yunnan Shaolin Temple in May made him to see a really magical lifestyle: grand masters, shifus, monks. nuns, students, the environment, the people. The month experienced in the Temple helped Tony to quit smoking, change his bad eating and living  habits, implementing a new lifestyle with main focus on health mentally and physically. He found peace inside himself.

Returning to Hong Kong he realized that one month is not long enough to change fundamentally his habits but one year will. Back to Shaolin, Tony found his happiness again because he felt the connection between body, brain and soul. He decided to follow the Kung Fu lifestyle and listen to Shifu Yanjun’s words: Love Kung Fu and Kung Fu will love you back!