Our EDUCATION PROGRAMS will change your life because:

  • Define your Kung Fu vision;
  • Give you a new powerful perspective in life;
  • Achieve an extraordinary career and freedom.


At Yunnan Shaolin Temple we offer Kung Fu Training Programs from several days up to 5 years or more.  The aim of the Kung Fu Department is to train students which are fully committed to their Kung Fu Education.

No matter the styles you chose to train with us, your timetable will follow the traditional way of training in Kung Fu based on the Yin and Yang balance.

The teaching plan can be adjusted (within reason) to your personal goals, style focus and body condition.  We follow a set curriculum which covers Duanwei Levels in accordance with Chinese Shaolin Wushu Association Duanwei Examination. This is particularly beneficial for students who are looking for a professional place to train.

No matter the style you chose to train in, there will be some common classes such: Kung Fu Basics (stances, kicks and punches), Power Training, Power Stretching, Endurance, Stamina, Body Conditioning and Self-Defense Techniques.

In the Temple we train students in small groups. We believe in the standard and the quality of our training. We can teach you as much as you like to learn and more. It all depends on your goals and your attitude for training!

You are welcome to train and use our Equipment during the weekends and free time if you wish. The timetable is given as guidance. However we reserve the right to change some parts based on the current students requirements and personal goals.


 The most important to understand is that we consider each student as an individual. Each student goals for the training are different, so the training plans.  

Each beginner student will start with Kung Fu Basics (基本功; Jīběn gong) specific for the chosen style. The Basics consist of: basic kicks, stances and foot work.

Each training plan follows the structure:

Within one month you should expect to learn about 4 forms. They can be a combination of Internal and External styles forms so you are certain that by the end of your stay you have a very balanced training plan. You also should expect to improve your flexibility, stamina, endurance, balance and feel more healthy, relaxed and happy.

After six months of training, you will be able to learn more advanced forms, perform advanced acrobatics. At this level you will have a lot of skills in order to be able to undertake some stunt professional training and get roles in Chinese Kung Fu movies if of interest.

Training for more than 1 year means that you will move towards medium level skills and aspire for advanced level. In your first year you will be under the Short Term Program Study.

Advanced level students can start teaching some beginners’ classes so they gather experience as Kung Fu Teachers, which will lead them towards a new career path.

If you are more advanced student, your skill level will be assess on arrival and your training plan will be set according to your skill. The difference between advanced and beginner student is the level of difficulty of the forms and the type of training. Advanced students will not train together with beginners. However, a beginner can move to the more advance group, depending on the ability.


YUNNAN SHAOLIN TEMPLE KUNG FU DEPARTMENT offers the following Educational Kung Fu Programs in the following Traditional Chinese Kung Fu:

External Styles Kung Fu

  1. Shaolin Kung Fu
  2. Shaolin Boxing (Sanda)
  3. Wing Chun
  4. Self-Defence (Qin Na)

Internal Styles Kung Fu

  1. Meihua Quan (it is classified as a combination of Internal and External Style)
  2. Qigong
  3. Meditation
  4. Taiji Quan
  5. Ba Gua Zhang


Based on the Teaching Plan and depending on the length of stay with us, you can achieve the following:

Shaolin Basics (kicks, steps, stances, sweeps, punches, palms, hand shape, flexibility), Basic movements of Shaolin fist and staff, One traditional introductory fist form (Wu Bu Quan or Five Step Fist), One Staff form (Yin Shou Gun or Shaolin Staff). You will learn Sanda (basic kicks and punches, take downs, sparring), Qin Na (Grappling Basic movements and introduction to one form), Tai Ji Quan ( 24 Step Yang Tai Ji or any preferred form), Qi Gong (Ba Duan Jin), Hard Qigong, Meditation, Acrobatics (basics, flips, cartwheel, jumps), Endurance.

In addition you will be introduced to Shaolin Kung Fu theory and traditions. You will learn more fist forms (Tong Bei Quan, Qi Xing Quan and Xiao Hong Quan), two traditional weapons forms, Tai Ji forms and their applications. You will develop your skills in Sanda (introducing wrestling techniques, full contact sparring and developing your speed and your reaction). You will continue to study the additional styles: Hard Qigong, Qin Na and Tai Ji. You will improve your Acrobatics (flips and back flips, butterfly kicks so on), flexibility and Endurance.

You will have a higher understanding of Shaolin Kung Fu theory and traditions. You will improve a lot your flexibility, balance, endurance and stamina. You will learn about Medical Qigong in depth such as Ba Duan Jin and Yi Jin Jing and you will learn more forms and their applications. You will learn Iron palm and you will be able to break, an iron bar or to condition your throat using a spear. You will be introduced to two people forms. The forms you will learn will be decided by you together with the Shifu.

You will achieve great flexibility, balance, endurance and stamina. You will learn advanced forms which belong to the Shaolin 18 weapons and you will learn some skills which belong to the 72 secret skills.You will be able to learn animal forms, paired fighting, advanced weapons forms (spear, double spear, two-section staff, three-section staff, double sticks, double chains, whip, straight sword or broadsword, Damo & Fengmo staff, Shaolin 13 spear, fighting techniques and their application on street fighting, 12 sets of sparring, 24 sets of grappling, kickboxing practice – one against many. All the skills above will be at advanced level and you will be able to participate in the formal Shaolin Duanwei grading. Please visit our page for Shaolin Kung Fu to see the forms we teach in the Academy.

In addition of the above you will increase your Qi level (break an iron bar over your head, hammering a nail into a wood with your hand, heal your injuries and illnesses, Fire gong, advanced iron and sand palms), learn more than 20 Shaolin forms with applications (Big Luo Han Quan, Pao Quan, Shaolin cross attack Quan, Free chosen art Quan, Shaolin Tai Zhu long routine Quan, Gong Li Quan, Shaolin Luo Han 18 hands, Taizu long fist and so on), animal forms (tiger, monkey. snake, crane, mantis, eagle, leopard and drunken style), weapons (double broadsword, double hooks, bull whip, double chain whip, southern staff including sword, Shaolin 3 section cudgel, Damo sword routine, Damo straight sword, Shaolin Spring & Autumn saber routine, 9 section intermediate iron-whip routine. pair practice, Drunken staff, Drunken straight sword, double broad sword, 7 star broadsword, Shaolin palm blossom sword, Shaolin 21 spear, Shaolin flying daggers, Shaolin rope dart, double whips and so on), hitting vital points, advanced breathing techniques, higher skilled routines of Quan (forms) and weapons, the essence of Shaolin Martial Arts (you will subdue your enemy with one hand), Meihua Quan ( 26 sets for sparring, 72 sets for grappling, usual weapons (such as Meihua halberd, Meihua big axe, Tigers head double hook, Meihua double straight sword, Meihua double hammer), unusual weapons (such as: double hook, hand-held halberd, body armor, big and small Luozi spear, big nunchuku, oil bottle spear, 3-section staff, small crutch), sparring with bare hands, you will achieve the Three Internal Coordination (neisanhe).

These are coordination between mind and intention (Xin & Yi), intention and internal energy (Yi & Qi), internal energy and strength (Qi and Li). It is the higher stage of Meihua Quan in practical fight and will make your fist and footwork move too fast to be clearly seen in the fight. Constant advanced training will bring out all-around development of the Waidan and the Neidan and the practitioners of martial arts have reached the profound stage where internal energy and mind are unified. You will fight one to more than eight sparring with bare hands. One against group sparring with weapons such as falcon against three spears, Paipa staff against a group of staffs, Five-tiger ben against a group of long spears.This is the advanced level of Meihua Quan and will make you reach the most profound stage of theory and skills of Meihua Quan which is the more traditional Kung Fu in China.



Give more and better service to our students : We lead by example.


The difference between a world class coach and an average one is their engagement, the ability to consistently engage the hearts and minds of the students, to feel alive. A training class without engagement is just group of people exercising together.


We engage in our communication because communication without engagement is unproductive.

We asses and give feedback: Our teaching skills are measured by our students performance. Coaching without engagement is not coaching.


One person with a complete sense of engagement and the absolute motivation to do whatever it takes to be the best.

We develop constantly a new curriculum: new, exciting, fresh, high-energy training.


Character development, life-skills, mental skills, community involvement, martial arts courtesies.

Students, no matter how talented they are, need people and places around them which nurture them. Kung Fu is about health, fitness, lifestyle and providing unique opportunities for unique people to realize their full potential. High performance means being different, being unique, being an individual and thinking, talking and acting outside the box.

Greatness and uniqueness are intimately entwined. The best way to win – do it your way, do it uniquely, do it differently to the rest.