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Shifu Yanjun Disciple Ceremony took place in the Academy. Zacharias Giasoumis from Cyprus trained with Shifu for almost 2 years. His story is an amazing journey of transformation.

4 years ago Zacharias (Zaxos) saw Shifu Yanjun photo on a website and this was his turning point. He did what it took to find the Master and train under him. Although in his journey he met other 4 Masters, his mind was to finally go and find Shifu Yanjun. No other Masters touch his heart as Shifu Yanjun – he told us in his last line up for the Academy.

For Shifu Yanjun to train this student was not only a challenge. He knew Zaxos real worth when he could not see himself. He guided him towards changing his mindset and lifestyle. Some of the student life choices were not very healthy but under the guidance of Shifu he understood the real dimensions of the damage he can make to his body and life. The journey was not an easy one for both parts. The is a Cultural difference between China and Cyprus.

During his journey under Shifu Yanjun, Zaxos learned to become more patient and humble, like a real Master warrior. He helped Shifu many times during class time – not only for Sanda which Zaxos loves but for forms and applications too.

To become Shifu Yanjun disciple was the next step. Shifu Yanjun is 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk and 17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan. Zaxos received the monastic name of Shi Heng Jiang and become 35th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk and 18th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan. Because of the help and patience in teaching students in the Academy, Shifu Yanjun award him a Assistant Coach Certification and in the following months he will take part in the official examination for the Shaolin Duanwei Grading.

Shifu Yanjun and the Academy are really happy to have made a difference in a student life. Now Shi Heng Jiang returned to Cyprus to start his own Kung Fu Academy under the guidance of Shifu Yanjun.

We wish all the best to our Disciple. Shifu Yanjun will travel to Cyprus to help Shi Heng Jiang in his journey!


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