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Shaolin top learnings of the month with Elliot Kay. Elliot Kay ( is a strategist and adviser to Small business in the Coaching, Speaking and training industry as well as the commercial director of Pony Express Speakers Club.

Elliot trained with Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy for 1 week, 12h per day. When he return to UK he post this message for us:

“I am back and lots to share to… But will start with some of my top learnings from Shaolin- humility is beingness not a declaration – when I watched our Shifu( Shifu Shi Yan Jun) train and work with us his beingness was one of service and humility, he didn’t have state it he just was.

Mastery is earned through hard graft sweat and continues as work, sounds obvious and I thought I understood mastery until I saw people train in Shaolin. It’s all about their purpose every detail, every part of the day is about mastery, it’s more than a few hours a day. It made me think that a lot of titles here in the UK are bought and not earned, even titles such as coach, mentor, expert are flung around with little substance (there are lots of people that earn it don’t get me wrong) now I have seen a different level of mastery it changes the game.

While this is no new concept it was shown to me in a different way – Balance – more emphasis has to be made on balance both when you train, with all of daily activity. Resting is a must and is not lazy but essential. When we were being trained the master was relaxed and often very funny, when came down to demonstrating when he was 100% on which such intensity it blew us away and then he was back to smiles all round. Balance goes beyond, it’s balance in our food and it’s balance in looking after our internal organs. As you get older it’s important to understand your body for where it is now and work with it as it is now.

Vision – when we asked Shifu Yan Jun what his vision was he simply said – “To be happy and spread the teaching of Kung Fu, that’s it”. Simple and easy. Now I will open 10 schools etc…just to be happy and spread the word and you can see that in every action he takes. Leadership is also a beingness he simply does, no words, just gets on with it, loves it, lives it, breathes it and nothing else matters.

I never thought I was a meditator until I allowed myself to be present with the experience and now find I meditate a few mins a day and enjoy it…

Sometimes we find inspiration in unexpected places….

So much more to share…

Thank you Andreea Mccurry for everything and to our Shifu Shi Yan Jun who has inspired me beyond words.”

We thank you Elliot Kay for reminding us the beauty and harmony  we live everyday here! We will continue to love our Kung Fu lifestyle and if we touch people in a positive and happy way we are done for the day, for the year, for the life!


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