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Shaolin Kung Fu and Qin Na Seminar for the first time in Mumbai with Shifu Shi Yan Jun.

In October 2015 Shifu Shi Yan Jun visited Association of Martial Arts Shaolin Kung Fu in Mumbai, India. Shifu Chandresh Yadav which is the President of the Association, is Shifu’s Shi Yan Jun disciple and student from its Shaolin Temple Academy in China.

The first day of the Seminar started with a demonstration of Shaolin Kung Fu with students of the Association and a performance from Shifu Shi Yan Jun. The focus in the first day was Self Defense Techniques and Qin Na.

Shifu Shi Yan Jun taught students 24 Self Defense Qin Na Techniques such us: Jin Si Chan Wan (hand lock), Wai Bai Na (hand lock backwards), Mo Mei Na (head bend backwards), Quan Bo Na (neck lock), Suo Ho Na (grab neck) and many more. Students worked very diligently and improved very fast.

The second day had as main focus Shaolin Kung Fu form Lian Huan Quan. All the students worked in groups and finished the form. Shifu Shi Yan Jun taught the movements and the applications of the each sequence.

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