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There is a great start of the New Year with Shaolin Kung Fu training! Shifu Shi Yan Jun and the team from the Hellenic Songshan Wushu Union travelled to the mountains to train. There is not a great year without the New Year Shaolin Kung Fu Training day!

The team traveled to the mountain village ‘Gargiki Omilaion’, just 60 km away from Lamia. The altitude of the village is 1,050m. The village has the length of 2km.

The name of ‘Gargiki Olimaion’ is composed of two words. ‘Gardiki’ means Castle or Fortress. ‘Omilaion’ comes from the ancient city ‘Group’.

Shifu Shi Yan Jun and the team spend three amazing days of training, site seeing, relaxation and family atmosphere activities. The group which travelled to the mountain for training had 30 people of which 14 were younger students and kids.

All were lodged at ‘Omilaia’ hotel. The hotel is run by the Vassiliou family. They maintain the great local traditions in the culinary flavors and local hand made products such as: pies, pasta, sweets so on. You can feel the great atmosphere of love and care in everything they do. Impeccable hospitality, amenities and handmade delicacies are the key elements that characterize the hotel “Omilaia”. All rooms are decorated with taste. They are made with care.  Each room has unique views of the valley and mountain. You can enjoy every moment of the day, relaxation, tranquility, relaxation and luxury.

The highlight of the stay has been the family activities: name celebrations and birthdays. Happy name day Mr. Vassilis Stefas – President of Athletic Club Shaolin Wu-Gong! Happy birthday Sofia Athanasiou and Marilena Kalogiannidou! We wish them great years to come and to enjoy every day as a blessing!

Being a place of distinguished in the arts and culture, how can a trip end up without a visit to the local Museum? Since 1878 in the village operated a 3 row elementary school. The Museum director explained to us the history and the life of the village. Her story about the way was in the past, the lifestyle, how the houses were designed, clothing and much more – a shortcut in the Authentic Greek history.

We left with the thoughts that Gardiki Omilaion is a blessed place, blessed by nature and his people, full of love.

We thank the hotel owners, the Museum director, the Hellenic Songshan Wushu Union and the team for an unforgettable experience!

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