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Shifu Shi Yan Jun graded the students of A.S. Atrapos in Modern Wushu Kung Fu. Shifu Kosta Georgiou is member of the Hellenic Songshan Wushu Union and Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy in China. He is recognized by the General Secretariat of Sports in Greece. Furthermore, Shifu Georgiou is member of the Technical Committee of Sanda in Greece and Pan-European Referee – Referee of Sanda.

This was the first grading for Modern Wushu Kung Fu. All the students performed the first form of Chang Quan, first form. The Modern Wushu Kung Fu forms were taught by Shifu Myron Tornesakis.

Chang Quan (长拳) or Long Fist represents a family of external style of Martial Arts from Northern China. The forms are characterized by long range kicks and striking techniques. The moves are large and circular. The benefit on the body is the mobility in the muscle, tendons and joins. There are other techniques involved in the advanced forms such as Qin Na, Shuai Jiao throws and takedowns.

Only the most advanced students performed 3 forms. The highest level was 3 Duan. These students practice Kung Fu for many years. From the group, 3 students showed great improvement from the previous year. They are: Verkis Theodoros, Karagioti Konstantina and Mastrogianni Marilou.

At the grading participated the President of Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation, Mr. Lampros Stamoulis. He praised the work of Shifu Shi Yan Jun in Greece for the improvement of the students.

At the end of the grading Shifu Shi Yan Jun explain students what they have to do in order to improve they Kung Fu skills. He showed them several exercises which will help to develop their internal energy Qi. To have Qi in your movements means your form to look dynamic, powerful and explosive.

The grading event was featured in the online Greek Newspaper and can be viewed at

Shifu Yan Jun wishes the students and the Association to continue their hard work and to keep on improving their skills. He is certain this will be reality because the club has strong teachers with a lot of love for their art.

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