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The Meihua Quan Book was written by Shifu Shi Yan Jun (monastic name of Mr. Du Wei Jun 杜伟俊) together with Shifu Konstantinos Mathiopoulos and Dr. Rhea Du.

The Meihua Quan book contains the first form of Meihua Quan called Wu Shi (五势) and the five basic stances. In the book you can read about the Chinese Culture of Meihua, The theory of 5 elements, traditional greeting and hand and fist used in Meihua Quan.

Shifu Du (aka Shifu shi Yan Jun)  followed Grand master Han Bai Guang (韩百广) to study Meihua Quan. He becomes his direct Disciple. Grand master Han is considered the Number one for Meihua Quan. Shifu Du (Shi Yan Jun) is 17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan. He studied in Ping Xian, Hou Ma Zhuang (平乡后马庄),  the home of Meihua Quan.

While in Ping Xian, Shifu Du (Shi Yan Jun) has been training with Grand master Zhang Xi Ling (张西岭). Shifu Zhang Xi Ling  is the Successor of Meihua Non-Material Cultural Heritage in China, Director of Meihua Quan Association, Executive Council Member of Hong Kong Chinese Kung Fu Association and the Deputy Director of the National Martial Arts Association USA.

Shifu Du (Shi Yan Jun) started the cooperation with Shifu Konstantinos Mathiopoulos in April 2014. In August 2014, Shifu Mathiopoulos was named the official representative in Greece for Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy and the Chinese Meihua Quan Association.

Dr. Rhea Du joined Shifu Yan Jun’s Academy in September 2012. After many hours of training and study in the Academy, Dr. Rhea becomes the General Manager of the Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy. She cooperated with Chinese Meihua Quan Association since 2013. Her interest and work in Meihua Quan was rewarded.  She received the position of  General Secretary for Chinese Meihua Quan Association.

For the past 2 years, Shifu Du, Shifu Konstantinos Mathiopoulos and Dr. Rhea Du worked together to spread the teachings of Meihua Quan abroad. In 2015 they received the coach certification from Xingtai University, Hebei.

Since summer 2015, they are the ambassadors of the Chinese Meihua Quan Association abroad.

As the result of this cooperation, they wrote an introduction to the Oldest Chinese and Cultural Style of Martial Arts: Meihua Quan (梅花拳).

We hope that the book will give you an introduction to the oldest and most cultural Chinese Martial Style. We wish you Happy Reading!

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