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Elliot Kay ( is a strategist and adviser to Small business in the Coaching, Speaking and training industry as well as the commercial director of Pony Express Speakers Club. Elliot trained with Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy for 1 week, 12 h per day. When he return to UK he took part in the TED Talk.  The name of the presentation is: “Mastery – a marketing concept or a way of life?”

But who really is Elliot?

This is how he describes himself :

“Elliot is a real mixture of great cultures. From the warmth of a South America to the manners of an Englishman, he learned to make the best of everything. After almost losing everything, Elliot knew he had to change and change big time. From lying in his flat in Acton, west London wondering how he was going to pay his rent, how he was going to overcome this situation and find love again… that is when the next level of the journey began. Now happily married with a baby on the way, he loves tuning into Netflix to unwind when he wants down time while running his Strategy businesses.”

“Elliot has always sought out to be the best he can be, he has always looked and searched for the next level in his life and business, what we have learnt and are taught is mastery. It was his trip to Shaolin Temple, in China, to train with a monk  that changed his whole understanding of mastery and gave it a whole different meaning.”

Thank you Elliot for your great insight in what REAL Mastery is all about!

The monk who changed Elliot understanding about Mastery is Shifu Shi Yanjun – Headmaster of Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy. Shifu Yanjun leads his students by his own example. He is a MASTER and he lives everyday MASTERY!


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