Chinese Wushu Association organizes on yearly basis a seminar for several Kung Fu styles. This year there were groups for Meihua Quan, Taiji Quan (Yang, Chen, He, Wu), Baji Quan and Xing Yi Quan. From our school, participated 7 students: Jonathan, Ilyas, Lauren and Phoenix from USA, Phillip and Andi from UK and Olaug from Norway. At the seminar have been more than 1000 students from China and abroad (USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, UK, Germany, Japan).

Our students took part in the Meihua Quan group taught by Grandmaster Han Jianzhong, Professor at Beijing Police University, President of Meihua Quan Association Beijing, Chinese Wushu Judge (also in the Judge panel for Chinese Wushu Association Duanwei examination) and Chinese Outstanding Figures of World Excellent Man.

At the seminar students learned Meihua Quan Wushi Tou Taolu, Meihua Sword Taolu, Meihua Qaun Medical Qigong, Qin Na (24 techniques for self-defense) and Duilian Taolu. All our students worked hard and have been awarded with the title of ‘Outstanding Student’ by
Grandmaster Han.

Wu Bin, 9 Duanwei and coach of the famous Jet Li opened the ceremony of the event.

On 4th of October, students and masters together celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival with a festive meal. The end of the seminar was celebrated on the stage by doing performances and our students demonstrated their Qin Na skills.  The event was featured on Global Kung Fu Website.

We are looking forward to next year 13th Edition when our foreign students can participate in the Meihua Quan group. Starting the year 2018, Grandmaster Han will enroll students for the seminar via our website. If you are interested to participate to learn Meihua Quan not only forms but also self-defense and medical qigong of Meihua Quan, please send us a message directly via our contact form or email us at:

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