Chinese Wushu Association organized this year the 13th Edition seminars for several Kung Fu styles: Taiji Quan, Meihua Quan, Baji Quan, Xing Yi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang.

From the Shaolin Temple Yunnan, Kung Fu Department went 7 students: Dierdre Ragin (USA), Manon Queudot (France), Kyle Robinson (USA), Daniel Willis (Australia), Basil Mayhan (USA), Mikkel Bello Andreasen (Denmark) and Andreea McCurry (UK). At the event were present more than 900 students from China and abroad.

Our students trained in Meihua Quan under the Grandmaster Han Jianzhong 韩建中, 18th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan and son of one of the most famous Meihua Quan masters in China, Grandmaster Han Qichang 韩其昌. Grandmaster Han is one of most famous masters of Meihua Quan in China and Professor at Beijing Police University.

The topics of the seminars were: Meihua Quan Wushi Tou Taolu, Meihua Sword, Meihua Double Dao, Qin-Na self defense techniques and sets of dills for boxing and self defense.

The previous President of Chinese Wushu Association, Li Jie, opens the ceremony for the 13th Chinese Wushu Association Seminar Event in Beijing.

The event was featured on the Global Kung Fu website and and

The Grandmaster Han praised all our students for their outstanding hard work. 3 of our students received the Outstanding student certification while Andreea McCurry received Assistant teacher certification of Grandmaster Han Jianzhong. Han Shifu praised specifically two of our students for their great stances and Meihua Quan performance: Mikkel Bello Andreasen and Manon Queudot. Mikkel has been training the Shaolin Temple for 11 months while Manon for 1 year and half year.

Shifu Shi Yanjun has been really happy to hear these great news from our students presence in Beijing Seminar. We are looking forward to the next year Seminar. Students interested to participate, please get in contact with us via our direct e-mail at



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