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Shifu Shi Yan Jun has been invited by the Mayor of the Iraklio City in the first day of the Chinese New Year Meeting. Iraklio is located in the NE Attiki, about 10 km north of the Parthenon. In the ancient time, the area of today’s Iraklio was the “Demos” of Hefestiadon, a place where the hero Hercules was adored in the homonym temple.

Today in the municipality of Iraklio live about 80.000 people.

At the meeting were present:

  1. Mr. Nikou Babalou Mayor of Iraklio City, Attiki, Greece
  2. Mr. Manolis Koutsogiannakis – Municipality’s Councilman in charge for the athletic affairs of the city
  3. Mr. Du Wei Jun (Shifu Shi Yan Jun) – Headmaster of Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy
  4. Mr. Vassilis Stefas – President of Athletic Club Shaolin Wu Gong
  5. Mr. Konstantinos Mathiopoulos – Head Coach of Athletic Club Shaolin Wu Gong
  6. Mrs. Rhea Du – General Secretary of Meihua Quan Association, China (Foreign Department)

The meeting had the purpose to discuss the future cooperation between the Government Office of the Mayor and the Athletic Club Shaolin Wu Gong which is established in the City of Iraklio.  Another point on the agenda was the cooperation between the cultures of Greece and China, especially the oldest culture in China, Meihua Quan.

Shifu Shi Yan Jun plays an important and pivotal place in this cooperation as he is the Vice-President for the Association of Meihua Quan from China. This will open the Chinese Culture doors in Europe. This particular style of kung Fu it is not just a Martial Arts but it represents the Culture of China and its roots go to 3000 years old!

The meeting was very positive for the cooperation between both cultures. Shifu Shi Yan Jun offered as gift to the Mayor, a traditional sword and a traditional bracelet. The purpose of the sword is to show the right path and help the Mayor to cut through the problems. The bracelet which has the 18th Luohan (warriors) has the meaning to protect the Mayor health, to keep him strong and healthy to serve the people of Iraklio.

The Mayor wishes for all the Chinese people and for the people who celebrate the New Year all the best and health for the year to come!

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