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To be the Ambassador Xingtai Iraklio Meihua Quan – Shifu Shi Yan Jun. On Monday, 22nd of February 2016, the Mayor of the City of Iraklio, Mr. Nikolaos Babalos, visited the Athletic Club Shaolin Wu-Gong. At the event were present the President of the Athletic Club Mr. Vassilis Stefas, the Head coach Mr. Konstantinos Mathiopoulos and all the Club committee.

The main purpose of the visit was to discuss the cooperation of the City of Irakilio with the City of Xingtai from China and to become sister cities. Xingtai City ( 邢台) is the place where Meihua Quan, the oldest Chinese Martial Arts, has the home. The pillars of Meihua Zhuang has more than 3000 years of history. This style has the origin from the monks in Kunlun mountain. It is called fuzi quan because has been transmitted on the male line of the family.

The sister cities will focus on the spread of Meihua Quan culture and on economical aspects as well. We cite from the Mayor’s letter: ” Recently we had the privilege of learning abut your great, historic city by the respected Shifu Shi Yan Jun, master of Songshan Shaolin Wushu Academy, who honored us with his presence in our town hall.  I would like to propose the cultural join of our cities in a manner that serves the purpose of exchange ideas and activities, and is in harmony with your traditions. As the first step, I propose that we name Master Shi Yan Jun as our common ambassador who will build a mutual route of communication which, will establish a link of friendship between our cities. “

Later in the meeting, the Mayor talked directly to Grand master Zhang Xi Ling which is the Successor of Meihua Non-Material Cultural Heritage in China, Director of Meihua Quan Association, Executive Council Member of Hong Kong Chinese Kung Fu Association and the Deputy Director of the National Martial Arts Association of the USA.

Shifu Shi Yan Jun hopes to be up to the Greek people expectations to establish the cultural connection between the city of Iraklio and the city of Xingtai. He is very grateful for this honor and ensures the Mayor and the people of Iraklio that he will do the best fro the future of both cities and cultures.

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