We offer optional culture classes such Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Chinese Culture (Tea Ceremony and customs), Buddhism, Calligraphy, Chinese cooking, Chinese Ancient instruments and Kung Fu theory.

There are classes which will be organized on request only such: Calligraphy, Ancient Instrument study and cooking. This is because we will bring in the Temple masters for Calligraphy and learning instruments and will require for us to organize to match the masters schedule.

Calligraphy is part of the Chinese Mandarin class. Please make sure that you understand that you will only be offered this class if you can have at least basics for the Chinese writing. Buddhist Ceremony takes place twice per day and it is optional.

If you wish to study more than the allocated timetable we will try our best to arrange it for you. However, every extra classes are not free of charge.

Chinese Mandarin

We follow the official HSK Curriculum with the aim to prepare the students for professional certification and examination: speaking, reading and writing. This is suitable for long term students. Short term student must learn basics to be able to communicate for the time they are in China. Calligraphy classes can be organized on request and only after the student has Chinese writing basic knowledge.

Speaking, reading and writing is taught by our translators on site: Andi (UK) and Manon (France). They are fluent in several languages. Chinese Mandarin Classes are offered all year around and are optional.

If after your stay with us you wish to study further in the Xingtai University, we will organize for you the admission process.

Kung Fu Theory

Kung Fu theory is taught during training time by the Headmaster Shifu Shi Yanjun. You will learn about different forms, history of Kung Fu, applications of the styles and forms. Shifu Yanjun gives you a solid base of Kung Fu theoretical aspects and uses and development of Qi.


We respect each student religious beliefs. The teachings during lessons are not intended to convert anyone to Buddhist philosophy. They are only an example of conduct during your stay with us and they are principles which are followed by all faiths. If you cannot attend the Meditation classes based on your religious beliefs please inform the Headmaster and we will replace the class with another discipline which follows your specific goals.

Buddhism etiquette is followed on daily basis. Each day Shifu Yanjun will teach the principles of Buddhism by example. This class is not as a usual class. You do not learn Buddhism from books but from the master behavior and his teachings. If you wish to attend the Buddhist ceremony inside the Shaolin Temple you can do on daily basis at 5.30 am (depending on the season) or evening at 7.00 pm. During the year will be many ceremonies which you will be expected to participate as part of the life of the Temple.

Students which wish to adhere to Buddhist Philosophy, please contact us to understand the requirements. If after your arrival you develop an interest in Buddhism and monks lifestyle, you can follow the monks around to understand their lifestyle. You can also learn with them Buddhist chanting and follow monks life as trial. Many students believe that the life of a monk is easy and they spend a lot of time meditating, after you spent a day with them you will find out that is not actually true. No matter, it will be for you an unique and fulfilling experience.

If you wish to become ordinate as Buddhist, you can be able to do so after you demonstrate healthy values and behavior during your time at the Temple.

Chinese Traditional Medicine

During this class we teach different disciplines: Acupuncture (theory), Massage (Tuina, Reflexology points, Gua Sha, Ba Guar), Nutrition, 5 Element Theory and the Theory of Yin and Yang. These classes are optional although we strongly recommend you attend them. We offer set curriculum for long term students twice per year which means you will learn an established curriculum each month. For short term students attending at anytime during the month, please be aware that you will join the classes which already got a schedule. The disciplines above are just an indication of topics we teach and not a guarantee you will learn them fully during your booked period. Please note that Acupuncture class requires knowledge of Chinese Mandarin.

If you are interested in a particular course please contact us to make special arrangements and to establish the number of hours and the fees for the course. E-mail us at kungfushaolintemple@gmail.com or use the contact form on our site.

We are working directly with Shaolin Temple Medical Center and monks highly specialized in Healing Qigong, Herbal Medicine and Kung Fu related injuries. You can get a Certification by the end of the course where we will specify the number of hours of training and the specific discipline. These courses are specialized and are not part of the regular Kung Fu program. Please contact us for details regarding availability and fees.


These classes can be taught on request. We organize these classes as part of the learning Mandarin curriculum with emphasis of the Chinese writing. We also invite Calligraphy Masters to demonstrate to our students calligraphy.

Chinese Culture

During this course we discuss different Chinese Customs (such as Wedding Ceremony, Table manners, Tea Ceremony, Feng Shui, Chinese way of cooking based on the principles of Yin and Yang and food combining) and we study the Book of Change. This class is optional.

During your time in the Shaolin Temple you will have the opportunity to take part in many events and ceremonies which are rich in culture. Apart of the Temple Cultural events, we also can participate to the rich ethnic minorities events.

Chinese Cooking 

Cooking classes can be organized on request and will depend on the availability of the chefs. We will discuss during Chinese Medicine classes the way Chinese food is cooked and what are the basic principles for combining the foods.

Chinese Ancient Instruments

Shaolin Temple cooperates with several great masters for ancient instruments playing. On request we can organize these classes – please be aware that they will depend on the master availability. Some of these classes can be offered free of charge while others will require an additional fee which will depend on the size of the group.


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