We offer extra classes for Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Chinese Culture, Buddhism, Calligraphy and Kung Fu theory. If you wish to study more than the allocated timetable we will try our best to arrange it for you, please contact us to organize the course and to check the extra fee required.

Chinese Mandarin

We follow the Curriculum established by our sister Xingtai University with the aim to prepare the students for professional certification. We teach HSK official curriculum for examination: speaking, reading and writing.

Speaking, reading and writing is taught by our translators on site: Suki (Hong Kong), Phillip (UK), Manon (France) and Andi (UK).  They are all fluent in several languages. If after your stay with us you wish to study further in the Xingtai University, we will organize for you the admission process. Classes are offered all year around and are optional.

Kung Fu Theory

Classes are offered once a week and are taught by the Headmaster Shifu Shi Yanjun. You will learn about different forms, history of Kung Fu, applications of the styles and forms. Attendance to this class is compulsory.


We respect each student religious beliefs. The teachings during lessons are not intended to convert anyone to Buddhist philosophy. They are only an example of conduct during your stay with us and they are principles which are followed by all faiths. If you cannot attend the Meditation classes based on your religious beliefs please inform the Headmaster and we will replace the class with another discipline which follows your specific goals.

Buddhism etiquette is followed on daily basis. Each day Shifu Yanjun will teach the principles of Buddhism by example. This class is not as a usual class. Buddhism you do not learn from books but from the master behavior and his teachings. If you wish to attend the Buddhist ceremony inside the Maytreia Temple you can do on daily basis at 5.30 am (depending on the season). However this has to be organised by the Headmaster. If you wish to be introduced to the Buddhist ritual you will be taught in particular.

Chinese Traditional Medicine

During this class we teach different disciplines: Acupuncture (theory), Massage (Tuina, Reflexology points, Gua Sha, Ba Guar), Nutrition, 5 Element Theory and the Theory of Yin and Yang. These classes are optional although we strongly recommend you attend them.

If you are interested in a particular course please contact us to make special arrangements and to establish the number of hours and the fees for the course. E-mail us at kungfushaolintemple@gmail.com or use the contact form on our site.

We are working directly with Shaolin Temple Medical Center and monks highly specialized in Healing Qigong, Herbal Medicine and Kung Fu related injuries. You can get a Certification by the end of the course where we will specify the number of hours of training and the specific discipline.


These classes can be taught on request. We organize these classes as part of the learning Mandarin curriculum with emphasis of the Chinese writing. We also invite Calligraphy Masters to demonstrate to our students calligraphy.

Chinese Culture

During this course we discuss different Chinese Customs (such as Wedding Ceremony, Table manners, Tea Ceremony, Feng Shui, Chinese way of cooking based on the principles of Yin and Yang and food combining) and we study the Book of Change. This class is optional.