Each student dream is different. We do our best to help each student to achieve their dream.

  • To have a great experience in learning the oldest Martial Art in a great location: SHAOLIN TEMPLE
  • To have a great GAP YEAR by trying something completely new and exciting
  • To become HEALTHY and lose WEIGHT
  • To have a complete change in your career and lifestyle to become a KUNG FU MASTER


There are students who wish to become Coach or Master for a Kung Fu style. Some students wish to open their own Academy . We have in place all the training, documentation, curriculum and certification to help you achieve your dream.

To be able to open your own Academy you may have two options: to open on your own or to open the Academy in partnership with Shifu Shi Yanjun.

To open your Academy you will require Master Certification, Duanwei Grading from Chinese Wushu Association and Shaolin Wushu Association. Students who learn Meihua Quan can receive extra certificate of Membership of International Meihua Quan Federation and Chinese Meihua Quan Association.

All the above certifications you can receive by training with us in Shaolin Temple Yunnan.

Students who become Disciple of Shifu Shi Yanjun, will have lifetime support and help. Shifu Yanjun is 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk therefore you will become 35th Generation Shaolin. Shifu Yanjun is also 17th Disciple of Meihua Quan therefore you will become 18th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan.


We are working with several Kung Fu Show Companies across China in Suzhou, Shanghai, Zhengzhou and many more.

If during your stay with us you wish to make some money on a side and you have particular skills such as: singing, dancing, instrument play or any specific skills as well as good Kung Fu skills we can help you to be cast in shows.

If you decide to stay longer in China and work in Kung Fu show industry your visa will be changed to work visa by the employing company.

We cannot commit to you via e-mail for these kind of jobs. Many times your opinion about your specific skill might be different from ours. We can decide if your skill is good only if we see proof of it in person or via video.


We are working with several famous Movie Producers and Directors such as Sammo Hung and Ma Yong Li. There are opportunities for co production when they require foreign students. For this specific jobs you cannot be a beginner in Kung Fu and you have to learn while in the Academy specific skills to be able to be cast in movies. Even your Kung Fu is great you will need to take classes on reaction and multiple opponents fighting, as well as weapons.

Requirements: at least 2 years of Kung Fu training in the Academy and 4 years of training abroad. If you study abroad, you must send us your videos to prove your level of skill.



Students who stay with us long term and learn Mandarin well enough, can have the opportunity to stay longer for reduced fees and work directly with the Academy. We encourage foreign students to study Mandarin as it will offer them new skills and when they leave the Academy can get a certification for their work as translators.

There are students who decide to join our partner SIAS or Xingtai University to get a degree in Chinese Mandarin. After one year of study you can up to level 4 HSK. We welcome these students to join us after graduation.

To be given this opportunity as a translator you must speak well Mandarin and be enthusiastic and happy personality.  This job is available for long term students only. Please do not apply for this job unless you spend with us 6 months and your Mandarin level is good.


Sometimes in China they need foreign people to make posters or videos used for advertising. We work locally with several agencies which can recruit foreigners for advertising. However these types of  jobs are not very frequent.


We know that for some students is difficult to cover the pocket money for the time they study in China so, in South of China, we put the basis of a school for Chinese kids where our students can teach. These jobs are not available for students which train with us for less than 3 months. This is because children like stability from their teacher. Also please note that even if you stay with us for long time, but your teaching skills are not adequate, it will not be possible for us to offer you that position. Every student which apply for a teaching job will have first an interview.

No matter the length of your stay, you will receive a formal certification for your training.