As part of our development was the start of our new center in one of the most beautiful and clean provinces of China – Yunnan. The new location will operate starting 3rd of July 2017 in MAITREYA TEMPLE – Shi Yanjun Sports & Culture Exchange Center located on the Jinping Mountain, Maitreya Temple, Mile City.

Why Shifu Yanjun decided to start a new location? Here are the reasons for it:

  • Yunnan Province is the cleanest province in China therefore there is no pollution
  • Mile City is a great place to visit and enjoy the Hot Springs with medical properties
  • The new location will be open all year about (summer max 32 degrees and winter not lower than 15 degrees)
  • The food is organic and very varied
  • The accommodation and all training is inside the Temple
  • You can experience living and eating with the monks
  • Because we are the only school in the Temple the environment is very tranquil and clean


Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy is headquartered inside the grounds of the National Park of the Original Shaolin Temple in China. The Academy was founded under two very basic principles:

  • To offer an exceptional level of Education and Support
  • To promote the Traditional and Authentic Chinese Kung Fu all over the world

Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy’s Mission is to spread Authentic Traditional Kung Fu around the world. We established Cultural Centers in Greece, Italy, UK, USA, India, Mexico, Ireland and Qatar. These Centers are full recognized and have the support of the local Government. We started further cooperation with several other countries: Cyprus and Emirates. We organize Seminars, Workshops and Health Retreats around the world. In October 2016, Shifu Shi Yanjun put the foundation of International Meihua Quan Federation.

In China, we cooperate with Xingtai University and SIAS International University. Starting September 2017, our students can enroll in the BACHELOR KUNG FU PROGRAM at our center in Xingtai University under Shifu Shi Yanjun supervision. Our students can further their education in Chinese Mandarin and Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Shaolin Temple Conference for Chinese Traditional Medicine 2014
Shaolin Temple the 7th Conference of Buddhism 2017
Shaolin Temple – The World Federation of Chan Meditation & Image Medicine 2017

The Academy’s Headmaster is Shifu Shi Yanjun, 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk and 17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan. He was raised in the Shaolin Temple since the age of 11. Shifu Yanjun has a rich teaching experience. What is unique about Shifu Yanjun? It is his own approach towards his disciple’s education. He will do his foremost for his students and disciples to achieve their Kung Fu dream, so they have a balanced training and be Happy every day!


“Shifu truly is a role model and an excellent teacher, he is someone that really inspires me and makes me want to continue not only improving my Kung Fu but also as a person. His patience and understanding of the foreign students and their bad habits is truly magnificent. He is very nice and has a great sense of humor when we are in training. He does a good job at changing the exercises so it doesn’t repeat too much during the week and keeps the energy very high and interesting for all the students to enjoy and benefit from the training. Shifu is very kind and is often worrying about the students, whether they’re sick, inured, too hot or too cold. Shifu himself does his best to see that the students are well taken care of and that they have what they need. I’ve seen him giving out medicine to the sick, helping the students who are injured and buying and giving out electric blankets for students to help keep them warm in the winter. I know no other Shifus in China that would act like this and be as caring and compassionate as him.”

Shifu is an example of an excellent education and an open mind approach to learning. He not only talks about Kung Fu and grading but he received himself the highest grades for his age. Chinese Wushu Association graded him at level 6 Duanwei and Shaolin Wushu Association at level 8 Duanwei. He furthered his education in Kung Fu field and he become an University Professor at Xingtai in 2014.
You will be certain that Shifu Yanjun will push you to achieve your BEST. At the end of your study, you will receive a professional certification.
For those which main goal is to become teachers of Kung Fu, will receive special certifications which will help them to open their school. Depending on your own personal goals you will be specifically trained to participate in professional Duanwei grading with Chinese Wushu Association and Shaolin Wushu Association and to get the best grade for your age group.
Students which are already proficient in Shaolin Kung Fu or study long term, can become Coaches or Masters. We organize Master Certificates.
Our team of experts in the fields of Kung Fu strives to bring you the latest, most up to date news and events from the world of Chinese Kung Fu. Through our website, on-site training facility and International Cooperation, we hope to achieve our goal of bringing you closer to your goals every day.


Amituofo! (Buddha Bless You!)
Shifu Shi Yanjun